We are proud to announce that Tubisteel Srl, for the second year, has been awarded with “Bilancio d’Acciaio 2020” Prize

Tubisteel Srl stood out in the “First Processing” category.

Siderweb analysis focused on the evaluation of the income, financial and asset situation of Italian iron and steel companies through the interpretation and understanding of 2019 company financial report data.

“Been awarded is always very rewarding. This kind of news cheers you up, especially during the difficult historical period we are living”, said Ottorino and Andrea Dani, respectively CEO and technical director, after hearing the news of the victory.

Read more on Siderweb: https://www.siderweb.com/articoli/news/708180-bilancio-d-acciaio-2020-ecco-i-premiati

Nord Est Economia talk about us: https://nordesteconomia.gelocal.it/imprese/2020/11/13/news/abs-e-tubisteel-premiate-da-siderweb-come-migliori-aziende-siderurgiche-per-tassi-di-crescita-1.39535894